Monday, 8 August 2016

Bilston Community College Trust Promotes Education and Learning in Different Communities

Are you looking to expand your knowledge globally? If yes, then visit Bilston Community College Trust -one of the best educational institutions in Birmingham, UK. The mission of this organization is to provide education to the adults and young students. They promote education and learning amongst hard to reach the different communities, cohesion and understanding, and teaching of religion & faith. They also help to engage hard to reach communities. Their main focus is to improve the well-being and quality of life for the local community.
For a broader perspective, let’s have a look on the main highlights of Bilston Community College Trust and what makes it one of the leading colleges in UK.
All of our college courses are vocationally orientated, considerable emphasis is placed upon recruiting the academic staff that have good academic qualifications which are professionally qualified with business/practice experience. This reason behind it is the College strongly believes that student engagement is strongest when academic principles are taught from a practical perspective.
The campus buildings, sites, and grounds comprises of a large area with the best facilities. Have a look at some of them:
  • Well-Equipped Classrooms
  • State Of The Art Computer Labs
  • Large Teaching Rooms
  • Library
  • Student Common Room
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Canteen And Kitchen Area
  • Multi Faith Room

Academic Staff:
All of our academic staff has recognized UK teaching qualifications which are mandatory requirement of the College. They also deliver normal diet of lectures and seminars which are regularly supplemented by guest lectures and workshops given by industry experts on contemporary topics and issues germane to the course syllabuses.
Bilston Community College Trust is partnered with the top most organisations worldwide which include Eurofit Autocenters, BTEC, University of Atlanta, EDI, IIMP, NCFE, 4ward Travel, AABPS, and QTSS.
If you are interested in knowing more about BCCT, browse through their official website


  1. Bilston Community College Trust has been a great experience. All the courses are advanced and professors are very helpful and experienced. BCCT has practical hands on approach and is concerned about helping you get a job after you graduate. The college has done a great job of integrating us on campus placements. For my friends who were studying at other colleges, it was a great deal, but for me has not been a big deal though. So far the education and teachers have been excellent and if you study and do the work they are very fair with grades. My sister is planning to get an admission here soon!

    1. Thanks for your positive review hope that we serve better for our students to achieve best in their life!!